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Our references

We are suppliers to many companies in a wide variety of sectors. Large international groups such as specialized SMEs trust us because we provide them with a three-day deadline (upon receipt at the laboratory) to provide the results. Packages adapted to their specific needs as well as listening, skills and permanent availability. The human relationship is paramount in our relationships and we do our utmost to give it priority to our customers.

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Their testimonies

For more than 10 years now, we have been carrying out all our analyzes with the company Calia (refrigerating oils, glycols, alkali …). This collaboration is perfect, in terms of analysis, the laboratory and the staff are very professional. We greatly appreciate the skills of this company, young and dynamic, and especially their responsiveness and seriousness.
We, Entreprise Engie first referenced the company Calia to carry out all our analyzes for our 65 agencies in France

Yves LABBE, Axima Réfrigération France


The objective of performing oil analyzes is to ensure the control of a level of particulate pollution, water content, etc.
From oil analyzes, SECOFLUID can trigger adapted maintenance actions.



Oil analyzes are important because it is a fast and sure way to know, at a precise moment, the state of the circuits and organs in the gear (especially hydrostatic gear).

We do analyzes:
– Before delivery of the new equipment to the customer
– At the time of the return of a machine for maintenance or SAV, before then after intervention
– After receiving new oil from the supplier, periodically, to ensure the maintenance of the good quality level of these oils

These various analyzes make it possible to:

  • Know the quality of the oil
  • Know the general state of a circuit
  • Know the pollution source of a circuit
  • To know if internal organs must be changed according to the importance of pollution
  • Retrace the history of the circuit degradations
  • To prove the good behavior of the actions of emptying / cleaning at the constructor or the maintainer
  • Prove responsibility of a builder, maintainer, supplier or customer.

We started to perform analysis as a result of pollution problems that we could not precisely target.
Then with the appearance of other problems, leaving the factory or after sales, we decided to generalize the analyzes to all the machines.
These analyzes helped us to solve the main problems of pollution in our circuits, but also to prove the non-responsibility of our company in cases of pollution in SAV.



In a few words :

  • Speed ​​of execution
  • Tracking material wear
  • Monitoring the quality of new oil supplied by our supplier
  • Optimization of the maintenance plan (ex: recommended oil change at 2000h, oil analysis, if oil ok: oil change spacing (maintenance gain: oil / glycol recycling ..)

Vincent ROUSSEAU, Sodebo


The analyzes allow us to check the quality of our cutting oil to avoid unnecessary replacement of the oil and thus to make significant savings.
The analyzes also validate the effectiveness of our oil filtration system.

Béatrice Dreistadt, Stryker