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Independent lubricant and industrial fluid analysis laboratory

As a leading refrigeration analyst and hydraulic analysis expert, Calia handles over 10,000 samples each year.
We operate in manufacturing, maintenance, agri-food and refrigeration, as well as motor assessment, machining, transport, marine engineering, wind power, lifts, turbines and all applications that use lubricants, fuels or glycols (anti-freeze).

Why analyse?

Analysing industrial fluids saves money and time by optimising change frequencies and reducing plant downtime.


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Let us carry out a full health check on your equipment! Our diagnostics show up damage and abnormal wear, and a detailed report tells you what action is required.

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Rapid results

Your results, with comments, will be available in the customer area of the site 72 hours after receipt of your samples.


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Independent analysis laboratory

Calia is a genuine laboratory, not just a shop front that subcontracts its analyses. With us, you are in direct contact with the technician in charge of your case.
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We hugely appreciate the skills of this young, dynamic company, and above all their responsiveness and trustworthiness.
Y Labbe



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We work with clients from different European and African countries and continue to develop our international presence.

As DMR, which represents Calia in Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea Bissau, become a distributor in your country.


Calia around the world

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