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Refrigeration lubricant analysis

We are the leading French laboratory for analysis and interpretation of results for the industrial and domestic refrigeration sector. The biggest names put their trust in us. This expertise and technical skill mean that we are uniquely placed to advise you. Fluid analysis is well known as an effective maintenance decision-making tool.

Type of analysis :

All types of refrigeration lubricant on all types of compressor (screw, reciprocating, scroll, etc.). and with all refrigerant gases.

Benefits of this type of analysis :

For both refrigeration systems and air compressors, planning lubricant sampling on plant in operation, before work is carried out on it, enables you to optimise your technicians’ visits. Choosing the right analytical measurements helps in identifying the work to be done. If the results are satisfactory, only minimal action is required, optimising the use of the technician’s time and the related costs. However, if anomalies are found, our comments will enable you to arrange more in-depth work.

The analysis report can be used to back up your decision with your customer, adding to your credibility. The end user’s production costs will be reduced as a result of less machine downtime, which also improves productivity.
Of course, our response time is three working days (excluding optional analysis); we will contact you if there is a serious fault and are always available to discuss the results. Our independence is your guarantee of efficiency.


analyses frigorifiques karl fisherMeasurements taken :

Usually :

  • Viscosity at 40°C
  • Water content by Karl Fisher titration
  • Acid value
  • Gravimetric filtration
  • Examination of filter membrane to identify solid contamination
  • Wear metal and metal contamination content


  • Dielectric strength
  • Particle counting (SAE AS4059 and ISO)
  • Chlorine content


We also perform glycol water and alkali analyses.

Example of an analysis report :

Refrigeration  analysis report