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Calia around the World !!!

Most of our customers are based in France, but since the company was founded, more and more partners are turning to us from abroad.
We work for customers throughout Europe (including Belgium, Italy and Austria), and in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the French overseas territories. We have also developed operations in Africa, performing lubricant analyses on tug boats at several major ports (such as Abidjan and Dakar).

2017 has seen the beginning of a new departure for Calia

A l’occasion du salon du CFIA qui s’est déroulé en mars 2017 à Rennes, nous avons fait la connaissance de M. DIALLO Mohamed – Directeur Technique de la société DMR (Diagnostic Maintenance Réalisation) située au Sénégal. Après sa visite dans nos locaux puis un voyage à Dakar, une relation de confiance entre nos deux entreprises est née, suivie d’un partenariat commercial.

diagnostic maintenance réalisationAs a result, since October 2017, D.M.R has been our sole distributor for four West African countries, namely Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea Bissau.

D.M.R specialises in corrective and preventative industrial maintenance and has over 40 years of experience.

You can contact them by email at : cabinetdmr@yahoo.fr

The restructuring of our sales department in January 2017 and our partnership with WTC Nantes Atlantique are also key factors in our international expansion.

Growing our export business is an exciting challenge for the team

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